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Being Present To Love

We all have experienced the day to day ritualistic, automatic, programmed love in which we tell our significant others that we love them. Maybe we say “love you” on the phone, or write “luv u” in an e-mail, but being … Continue reading

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Few activities give me as much pleasure as just being with nature.  I love to drive to beautiful places, grab my photography equipment, and discover a place that I have never been to before.  The adventure combined with the awakening … Continue reading

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The President Leads

Last evening on prime time television, the President, as head of state delivered a speech, that even by his standards, was extremely inspiring and effective.  He managed to weave all of the tragic elements of the Tucson shooting into framing … Continue reading

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The Assassination Of Leadership

The title of this post was to be a title of a book I was planning on writing in my senior years, but today in Tucson AZ the nation has witnessed what has been happening throughout history.  From Jesus Christ … Continue reading

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Designing The Future

Human beings are the only life form that have the potential to actually design their own future.  To do so of course,  requires the will and ability to circumvent our own personal automaticity that determines our destiny, i.e our identity (see … Continue reading

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