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Cooper Hawk

Sometimes nature comes to you. This beautiful Cooper perched on a telephone pole behind my house. I slowly approached and she allowed me to get within about 20 yards before flying off. You can see more by clicking on the … Continue reading

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Myrtle Falls At Sunset On Mount Rainier

I shall be returning to this part of the country in August 2011 along with a few other choice spots that photographer Ron Coscorosa has so generously helped me discover.

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Wildlife Photography

One of the best ways to experience nature is becoming involved in wildlife photography. For most wildlife photographers, that means focusing on shooting birds since other forms of animals are much rarer and difficult to spot. Wildlife photography gets you … Continue reading

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Through The Eyes Of A Toddler

One of the many benefits of becoming a grandfather, is that I get to view nature through the eyes of my grandson where everything is much bigger and filled with wonderment.

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