Being Present

Human beings are constantly searching for ways to avoid stress.  We take drugs, we exercise, drink, keep busy, text, go to the movies, watch television, shop, play, etc.; anything that will temporarily turn off that dialogue in our heads.  Of course, when that dialogue is running, it is usually running us, and we are not present to what is actually really there.  When we are being present there is no dialogue, there is only external visual, auditory, olfactory, and kinesthetic awareness.

I just recently went to the Grand Canyon by myself, both to take photographs, and to be present.  On one of my excursions, I met Katie, on the shuttle to Yaqui Point.  Katie just returned from Big Sur and was headed to Yaqui Point at sunrise to just be.

Here she sits on the edge of the South Rim with her legs hanging over the edge. Really?

Katie Being Present

Not willing to sit on the edge, I get present by observing and shooting.

Snow On The South Rim

Sunrise At Yaqui Point

You can see more HERE

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3 Responses to Being Present

  1. Marilyn Cornell says:

    i want to go!!!!

  2. Teresa Schmitz says:

    When I looked at the photos at your website I wondered who Katie was and now I know. How cool to go somewhere, meet people, and enjoy being in the moment. What a gift to have the time to do that. Thank you for the reminder that we all need to be present in the moment no matter where we are or what we are doning especially at work. I see so many people at work on their computers or blackberries during a meeting that are NOT in the moment listening and being where they are in the moment. Unfortunately, too many people in the work force are distracted by email, ever changing priorities, etc. and they don’t listen, show respect, nor enjoy the moment. I bet we all could learn a lot from Katie who isn’t afraid to sit on the edge and enjoy the moment. Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift of photography at the Grand Canyon and the photograpers place of being in the moment. You are a gifted photographer, and I’m so glad that you’ve found another talent to share with all of us.

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