Journey To Another World

I have been wanting to go off-road to some remote southwest locations, and this past weekend, my friend Aaron and his buddy Joe took me to Blue Canyon in the remote Arizona Desert on Hopi Indian Reservation land.  Needless to say, I was a bit nervous driving my new SUV on such a challenging road, but I made it, albeit slowly; very slowly. In fact, it took us more than an hour to drive 14 miles, but it was so worth it.  We arrived ar our destination in Blue Canyon at dark and we immediately began some night photography.  This is the first shot I took:

Another World

After building a fire, we set up camp and I went to sleep first (in my car).  Woke up to rain drops on the car at dawn, but it only lasted a few minutes, and this is what I saw:

Dawn At Blue Canyon

Like kids in a candy store we started shooting the canyon from many different vantage points:


Egg And A Cave


After a couple of hours of shooting we decided to head back to civilization and figure out where we wanted to go next.  Aaron and Joe decided to go shoot slot canyons and then go off-road to another remote spot.  Having already shot slots and not wanting to challenge my car again, I headed off to Marble Canyon and Lee’s Ferry.

Colorado River From Navajo Bridge

Aaron and Joe got wet and cold at their location, so they joined up with me at Marble and we headed out the next morning for an early shoot.

Here’s Aaron shooting one of the balanced rocks that roll down the hill every thousand years or so!

Aaron Shooting Balanced Rock

I headed down towards Lee’s Ferry to be next to the Colorado River at Pariah beach.

Pariah Beach

For my last shot of this journey I wanted a relaxing image of the Colorado river.  Time for a dark (10 stop) filter and a slow shutter speed.

Colorado River At Marble Canyon

Thanks Aaron and Joe for a wonderful shoot 🙂

For more photos, click  HERE

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