Let It Be

May 8, 1970, the Beatles unleashed Let It Be to the world. It was an instant success, a profound message, and a beautiful song. But what does it really mean to let something or someone BE? And, how good are you at letting stuff BE, and when you do, what effect does this have on how YOU feel and how YOU BE.

For me, letting things BE can be one of the most powerful ways to experience peace, both for yourself and for others. For me, it is suspending judgement and assessment; no labeling right or wrong or good or bad. Letting it be must be genuine, one cannot just verbally suspend judgement, but authentically give it up. When you give it up you, just let it be.

I am certainly not suggesting that we should practice letting things be all the time. Our ability to judge, form opinions, and act upon those judgements, is essential, but having the choice to let certain things BE and knowing when to exercise this choice, is powerful.

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