Road Trip To Southern Utah

Just returned from a marvelous road trip to southern Utah with my friend Steve who I am mentoring in photography.
We drove 6 hours and spent the first three nights in Page which we used as our base camp for all our photo trips except Marble Canyon.

1. The Wahweap Hoo Doos
2. Old Pareah
3. The Toadstools (two trips)
4. Marble Canyon and Lee’s Ferry
5. The Vermillion Cliffs
6. Wahweap Marina

It was not only a fun trip, travelling with someone with whom you are sympatico with, but it was very rewarding contributing to Steve’s learning and growth as a photographer.

Our first stop once we arrived was the Lake Powell shore for sunset:

Lake Powell Panorama

The next morning we headed out for the Wahweap Hoo Doos, a hike I was certainly not looking forward to.

Wahweap Hoo Doos

We drove in the easier way, but that meant an 8 mile round trip hike in the bright sun through a desolate sandy and rocky wash with 25-30 pounds on my back. Our instructions told us to skip the first and second set of hoo doos and proceed to the most photographic set about 600 yards past the first. By the time we reached the first set, I could not tell if it was the first second or third. It looked like what I had seen in photos. Nevertheless I spent about an hour and a half photographing them. When I finally got back to camp, exhausted and blistered, I realized I had photographed the first set, and never even got to see the second and third set. Bummer!

Here is a sample from that particular skunked shoot:

Wahweap Hoo Doo

Our next destination was the Toadstools which we did on two successive days. This was only a two-mile round trip hike. A piece of cake compared to Wahweap. The Toadstool Venue moved me as much as any place I have ever visited. It was truly “other worldly”. We, at times were totally isolated and on a another planet. I will definitely return to shoot this amazing place at night under a full moon.

Hoo Doo Central

Hoo Doo God

Another World

Our next adventure was to Old Pareah, what some call the most beautiful colors in the southwest.

Old Pareah

The colors of the muddy river bed and brush were beautiful.

Last, but not least, we headed for Marble Canyon and Lee’s Ferry, a place I had traveled to prior. It certainly did not disappoint.

Sunrise At Lee's Ferry

View From Paria Beach


This last shot was how I felt when we first arrived to Pariah Beach. Compared to Utah, it was very hot, and the Colorado River was very inviting for a nice cold swim.

On the way home I caught a shot of the Vermillion Cliffs.

Vermillion Cliffs

Nothing like sharing a passion for nature and photography with a good friend. Can’t wait to hook up with Shimon, soon, for a trip up the coast 🙂

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6 Responses to Road Trip To Southern Utah

  1. azleader says:

    Overall, a very nice series of images from the Page Area.

    The Wahweap B/W is well captured and presented… So very, very close… yet so far from the famous “Towers of Silence” hoodoos just around the bend.

    The Toadstools are among the most famous set of hoodoos in the world and a nicely just a short hike off Hwy 89. 🙂 Great that you went around the corner from the main Toadstools to see the other great set of hoodoos over there.

    You photographed the much, much nicer Paria Movie Set location instead of Old Paheah itself. Ironically, Old Pahreah is mostly on the other side of the river and is not much to look at nor as close to the beautiful Chinle formation mesa that makes that place so picturesque and magical.

    BTW… you have an incredibly good Smugmug photo portfolio!

    • Thanks for the feedback 🙂 The Towers Of Silence will have to wait until someone drives me in the hard way for an easier hike.

      If you get a chance, stop by The Madaras Gallery to see my work.

      • azleader says:

        I just happen to know that “easier” route to the “Towers of Silence”. I’ve got BLM’s permission to go to the official road’s end up north. 🙂

        From there Its only about a 3/4th mile hike each way to the Towers… about the same as to the Toadstools. Btw… you notice there is another set of cool hoodoos ABOVE the Toadstools? I know how to get to those, too. 😉

        I’ll stop in to see your work at the Madaras Gallery… Diana don’t look to shabby, either. Yowzers! 🙂

    • Now that I look, it was your “Athena” that motivated me to go (lol).

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