Hunting Fall Foliage

I grew up and lived on the East Coast, so fall foliage was available and readily accessible every year. Now, living in Tucson, it is not so easy. I have taken some recent trips trying to track some down. My most recent trip was up to Northern Arizona in the Apache-Sitgreaves Forest. Here are a couple from that area.

Sunset On The Mogollon Rim

Aspen Stand

Next, it was off to the Painted Desert, not for fall color, but simply because it was close and I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity.

Painted Desert

Then, in the middle of this vast red desert I stumbled upon this:

Desert Surprise

It’s like my good friend Simon says: “Danny, if you don’t go, you won’t know”.

Then, I get back home to Tucson, and I hear there is some color up on Mount Lemmon.

Yes there was.

Next, I hope to go up to Zion in early November. I’ll keep you posted.

If you are in Tucson, Sunday 10/28/12, come and see my new photos at The Madaras Gallery. It’s Diana’s biggest show of the year.

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6 Responses to Hunting Fall Foliage

  1. Love the blurred aspen stand!

  2. Teresa Schmitz says:

    Great pics. I heard Mt Lemon is beautiful right now. I think you captued it right in your own back yard. Glad that you are enjoying your adventures, grandchildren, and life. I hope that our paths will cross again when I retire. Two more years for me and I’m a free bird able to explore my creativity!

  3. Tracy says:

    Love your photographs, really miss seeing new posts on the blog, I hope everything is well with you (and hope you are able to post soon!)

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